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Whether you are a professional makeup artist, or you just use basic makeup to complement your daily outfits, brushes and makeup application tools are indispensable for a flawless makeup base.

They are many kinds of makeup brushes on the market, which make it hard for you to know which one to buy. From synthetic fiber makeup brush set to sponges to the oval makeup brush set, it can become difficult to know what really suits you. So how to know which ones are the best makeup brushes for you?

These are the essential makeup brushes that you may find need for:

1.The Foundation Brush: It is ideal for applying foundation from the center of your face outward toward your hairline.

2.The Kabuky Brush: This brush can be used for applying bronzer or blush on your temples and cheeks.

3.The Concealer Brush: This one is smaller than the foundation brush, yet is ideal for applying concealer over specific problem areas as redness, blemish or dark circles.

4.The Eyeshadow Brushes: Make your eyes bigger and deeper by applying smokey eye shadows with the help of eye shadow brushes.

5.The Powder Brush: You can apply setting powder after your foundation and concealer to eliminate shine and have a smoother finish.

6.The Angled Blush Brush: This brush will give you a soft blush application.

7.The Beauty Blender: Many girls prefer to use beauty blender over foundation brush for applying foundation; it helps you achieve a more natural-looking foundation covering.

8.The Oval Makeup Brush: The design of oval brushes is specially made to make self-application easy. These brushes come in different sizes for foundation, concealer, eye shadows, and blush. These kind of brushes are a master tool for apply contour and highlight makeup.

We hope this guide had been helpful to you! In the ZAFUL e-shop we have the best makeup brushes sets for you along with other essential beauty tools such as: makeup brush cleaner and makeup brush holder. Take a look and find all your need to make your makeup fabulous!

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