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Be unapologetically bold ZAFUL two piece outfits. Two piece sets, also known as coordinates clothing, harken back to a time of simpler design with bigger impact. Whether you're into loud prints, subtle textures, or solid hues, two piece sets can emphasize the look of your choice. They also make a fun opportunity for accessorizing, as our style guide below will delineate. Read on for more!

Delving into 2 piece outfits can bring a new dimension of looks to your closet. The look isn't limited to the two piece pants set, which are well-known in the corporate world. There's also two piece dresses, the two piece short set, and the skirt and top set. You could wear these sets for every occasion and every season, if your heart so desired. Let's explore how these options can be played up!

The crop top and skirt set is a good option for warmer seasons and casual outings. The look can be done up for a semi-formal feel if worn with clean flats and lightly-blinged accessories, like a jeweled statement necklace. For just shooting the breeze, the skirt and crop top set can be worn with a loose cardigan and gladiator sandals, as well as a messy hairdo such as a messy bun or loose braids. Conceivably, the same crop top and skirt, accessorized in different ways, could produce dozens of looks, getting your money's worth out of these garments. A top and skirt set can be handled similarly.

The two piece dress set is another hot alternative to the traditional singular dress. Two piece long dresses can accomplish a graceful look reminiscent of a goddess' saree or toga. Two piece bodycon dresses are another remix of the traditional bodycon. The dichotomy between the top and bottom can give off a sense of confidence.

Two piece formal dresses should not be overlooked when choosing an outfit for upcoming special occasions. The two piece gown, for example, is becoming a more popular option for prom, weddings, and other events. A black two piece dress could be a staple of your wardrobe and paired with shoes and accessories of varying colors; the same could be said for a two piece white dress. Don't overlook two piece sets without giving them a try at ZAFUL!

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